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Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community service

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community service

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community serviceWelcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community service
Tampa Bay Good Deeds  Challenge

Home of Greater Tampa Bay's Good Deeds Challenges! 

Our Community Supporters


A volunteer movement in Greater Tampa Bay & Central Florida

Tampa Bay's Good Deeds Day is being managed ENTIRELY by professionals who are generously offering their volunteer "time & talents & treasure" to build this #DOingGOOD movement in our community.  

The 2020 approved nonprofit missions are offered the opportunity to showcase their mission, and to raise FUNding for their worthy missions at no cost to their organizations!  

100% of the funds donated for the sponsorships, vendor fees, and door prize entries are DONATIONS to The Benevolution Foundation, Inc. (501c3) Nonprofit Incubator. 

ALL FUNDS are being directed to the expenses of the #DOingGOOD Challenge & the festival, and towards assisting the approved nonprofit organizations who are participating this year! 

ALL of our Community Partners are sincerely appreciated for their donations to assist The Benevolution Foundation, Inc. (501c3) Nonprofit Incubator in covering the expenses involved in bringing a family-friendly & FUN afternoon of CELEBRATING community service & volunteerism in Greater Tampa Bay & Central Florida!  

The Benevolution Foundation, Inc.

About the "Doing Good" Challenges...

Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay DOingGOOD Challenge

TWO Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay Challenges!

 😍TWO Age Appropriate Challenge Categories:

(6 years to 12 years AND 13 years & Up)

 😍 OUR GOAL IS TO CELEBRATE A MINIMUM OF 10,000 "Good Deeds" in Greater Tampa Bay!  

AND THEN, WE CELEBRATE at the Tampa Bay Good Deeds Day Festival on March 29th.

Where are the DOingGOOD Challenge Cards available?

 👉 "Good Deed Challengers" will be able to pick up their "Challenge Cards" from locations throughout Tampa Bay starting on March 1st. 

Each Challenge Card will include a requirement of 2 out of 3 (age-appropriate) "Good Deed Challenges" that will be listed by our team, AND an additional 2-3 more #GoodDeeds of the challenger's choice will need to be registered online to complete the challenge. 

We'll be announcing the locations  to our registered challengers AND on the Good  Deeds Day Tampa Bay Facebook page. 

How will we track all of the DOingGOOD in Greater Tampa Bay?

 👉 In order for our team to accurately track HOW MANY good deeds have been completed in Greater Tampa Bay during the challenge, each completed challenge card (5 good deeds) will be required to be registered with our team on our website by March 25th.  
STAY TUNED by registering for  the challenge  today! 


For each COMPLETED Challenge Card that is submitted in person to our "Welcome Booth" volunteers by the challenger at the festival, the challenger will receive a special door prize entry to win GREAT PRIZES from our Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay Challenge Showcase at the festival!

Is your family a "Business DOingGOOD" in Greater Tampa Bay?

The Benevolution Foundation, Inc. is reaching out to "Business DOingGOOD" families to GET IN the challenge, and to be featured as supporters of our festival. 

About Us

How We're Helping

The Benevolution Foundation

The Benevolution Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. 

With the help of our tireless volunteers, we organize opportunities for worthy all-volunteer managed nonprofit missions to showcase their programs at exciting & family friendly community-building events, and we offer in-depth training sessions AT NO COST for these nonprofits.

Every. Single. Dime that's donated by our supporters is directed back into our community mission to help GROW awareness of our approved nonprofit missions through our  #FestivalsForGood Nonprofit Showcases!

The History Of Good Deeds Day


Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of good deeds.  All over the world, hundreds of thousands choose to volunteer and help others, putting into practice the simple idea that every single person can do something good, be it large or small, to improve the lives of others and positively change the world. 


Good Deeds Day is taking over the world! Since its launch in 2007, this annual tradition of good has grown from 7,000 participants in 2007 in Israel to almost 1 million in 2015.
Going global in 2011 with 10 international cities, including many in the USA, Good Deeds Day began uniting people all over the world.
Good Deeds Day continued to gain momentum and held its largest day yet on April 7, 2019. 3,900,000 participants from 108 countries took part in Good Deeds Day, totaling over 7.8 million hours of service.
Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay was launched in January 2020 by The Benevolution Foundation, Inc.  (501c3 nonprofit)