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Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community service

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community service

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community serviceWelcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay celebration of community service

K.I.D.S. Campaign, Inc

How our mission began...

K.I.D.S. Campaign, Inc.

"It all started for us in 2010, when we were just normal moms going through the motions of working and raising children.  That all came to a screeching halt when we were each faced with the reality that our precious children—Desiree and Dylan—were diagnosed with cancer.  

The impact that this kind of diagnosis has on a family is monumental.  The loss of jobs, due to being absent while tending to your child, the heartache of watching your child sick and in pain, and the effect on siblings are all too much for any single family to handle.  

Unbeknownst to us, God was working through all this to bring the two of us together.  In the midst of our journey, we met.  As we became closer than family, God laid it on our hearts to do something to help kids like ours get through this battle just a little bit easier.  As a result, K.I.D.S. Campaign (Kindness In Doing Service) was born." 

K.I.D.S. Campaign, Inc

K.I.D.S. Campaign introduces children to the concept of ‘Kids Helping Kids’ through community service by seeking sponsors for themselves to volunteer in community services.  K.I.D.S. Campaign intends to introduce individuals, companies, and other organizations to this concept. 

Volunteerism With A Mission

KIDS Campaign, Inc

The funds raised through the community services performed, along with any other funds raised for K.I.D.S. Campaign, will go toward our three main objectives of:

1. To financially assist pediatric cancer patients/caregivers with their travel needs, and will consider other needs, other than the treatment itself, for those desiring to seek another medical opinion and/or course of treatment, including patients who have a cancer recurrence.  Consideration will also be given to those whose present treatment has not proven effective.

2. To facilitate the granting of an additional life-enriching experience or gift for individuals diagnosed with a childhood cancer who have a cancer recurrence or who develop a secondary cancer, or find themselves in an end-of-life situation.

3. To facilitate periodic celebrations in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, for pediatric cancer patients, their families and friends, and/or the community to recognize the completion of their cancer treatments.  For pediatric cancer patients/caregivers who are not local to the Tampa Bay area, Florida, consideration will also be given to financially assist them, so that they can facilitate their own end of treatment celebration.

KIDS Campaign Good Deeds Challenge

KIDS Campaign Good Deeds Challenge

The Shop Local For Good family has challenged the KIDS Campaign, Inc. team to raise $2,020 to assist with our mission in 2020!


They have generously donated FIVE of their Triple-Play #FestivalsForGood Family Fun Packages for drawings to win from our supporters!

For each much-appreciated donation of $20 (or more) to our mission through this FUNdraiser, you will RECEIVE an ENTRY TO WIN ONE of these packages for YOUR FAMILY to attend the Summer Festival For Good; the Florida Watermelon Festival; AND Tampa Bay's Annual Macaroni N Cheese Fall Festival at SunWest Park in 2020!

(Each Family Fun Package includes: 2 adult passes, 2 Kids Zone passes; AND Two Door Prize entries to win great prizes at ALL THREE FESTIVALS)

DRAWINGS WILL BE HELD as soon as we reach our challenge goal!
Thanks for your support!


KIDS Campaign's Website

KIDS Campaign Website

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Tampa Bay's Good Deeds Day Door Prize Entries (5 for $20)