Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay A Celebration of Community Service

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay A Celebration of Community Service

Welcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay A Celebration of Community ServiceWelcome to the Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay A Celebration of Community Service


Featuring Tampa Bay's "Business DOingGOOD"

About the Good Deeds Day Challenge #DOingGOODinTampaBay.  
Shop Local For Good, is volunteering the promotional marketing services on this community service project, and are promoting to their 173,000+ "Festival For Good" families.  

The Benevolution Foundation, Inc. (501c3 nonprofit) is managing the Tampa Bay campaign of this International Day of Celebrating "Good Deeds".  

Good Deeds Day (International) was launched in 2007, and is now celebrated in over 100 countries.  Their team is THRILLED about the Tampa Bay Challenge, and has already announced our goals throughout their worldwide networks. 

  • We launched Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay on January 7, 2020, and we've already exceeded 700 Facebook page followers. 
  • We launched the "DOingGOODinTampaBay" challenge on March 1st, and are encouraging our neighbors in Greater Tampa Bay to be a part of our GOAL of exceeding 10,000 good deeds in our neighborhoods by March 25th. 
  • Our online promotions are being targeted to over 173,000 Shop Local For Good "Festival For Good" fans. 
  • We are distributing 10,000 Challenge Cards to businesses throughout Greater Tampa Bay, and encouraging our "DOingGOOD" neighbors to pick up their challenge cards from these businesses.
  • Each challenge card has a space for 5 Good Deeds to be added to the card, and to be registered online for our team to track our progress.
  • A door prize entry will be awarded to each "challenger" who submits their completed challenge card at the festival. 
  • Our volunteers are also distributing 1,000 flyers and 2,500 invitations to the festival.

 We are inviting TAMPA BAY BUSINESS families to join in the challenge: 

REGISTER for the Good Deeds Day Challenge Partner ($100 donation)

REGISTER for the Door Prize Sponsor (Requesting a minimum donation of two $25 gift certificates)

  • Memorialized in the Door Prize Donor Facebook Album
  • Business promotion featured in the Good Deeds Day Facebook Album & shared throughout our Social Media networks
  • Promotion added to the Tampa Bay Good Deeds Day Door Prize promotion on the website
  • 50 Good Deeds Day Challenge Cards provided for your customers to participate in the challenge. 

Looking forward to featuring your business! 

Karena Morrison, Founder​

The Benevolution Foundation, Inc 

Lock IN your Business Today

PLEASE NOTE: We have an unwavering non-compete policy for our much-appreciated sponsors & vendors. 

We are locking in sponsors in the order that registrations are completed.

INQUIRE ABOUT OUR "Doing GOOD" Challenge Partnership

Tampa Bay Challenge Partnership Inquiry

We will reply from 

Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay

600 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, Florida 33755, United States

(727) 518-4659

UPDATE: 2020 Tampa Bay Good Deeds Day Festival


We're MOVING to Summer Festival For Good!

The Tampa Bay Good Deeds Day Festival  has been RE-SCHEDULED to June 20th, and our CELEBRATION of "DOing GOOD" will be held at Summer Festival For Good at the beautiful beach of SunWest Park! 

#DOingGOODinTampaBay Challenge is STILL ON!

  • More than ever, we want to inspire families to "Do GOOD" in our neighborhoods! 
  • The #DOingGOODinTampaBay Challenge is being extended to June 1st. 
  • Each challenger who completes FIVE Good Deeds, and registers them with our team online will receive an entry TO WIN one of 100 Summer Festival Family Fun Packages! 

#DOingGOOD Challenge Card BONUSES!!

Support Our Featured Nonprofits & SAVE with our SPECIAL OFFER

  • Donate $20 to The Benevolution Foundation by June 1st.
  • YOU'LL RECEIVE FIVE Door Prize Entries for Summer Festival For Good Door Prizes! (Tickets will be available for pick up at the festival) 
  • Regular donation is  $5 each at the gate. 
  • SELECT one of our Good Deeds Day Tampa Bay featured nonprofits to benefit from your ONLINE DONATION.